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Real life escape game is type of logical game for teams of 2-4 people. After entering the room you have 50 minutes to find the way out of the room. In order to do so you have to find hidden clues and solve a bunch of puzzles. More information

Visit one of two mysterious rooms:

Room 1: Postapocalyptia

Want to feel like in an Science-Fiction movie or a computer game? Visit a postapocaliptic world and prepare for an unique experience. Find a free timeslot.
Ca1 Ca2 Ca3

Room 2: Out of the Box

Think out of the box to get out of the box. According to cat experts this is the best room in the whole universe. Try it! Find a free timeslot.
Ootb1 Ootb2 Ootb3

What is it about?

Real life escape game is a form entertainment that brings "escape the room" into the real world. Team of 2-4 people enters the room, which is full of hidden clues and puzzles. The goal is to find the key and exit the room in less than 50 minutes. Logical thinking and cooperation are very important. Clock is ticking and brainstorm is on! Real life escape game is a way of spending time with your friends, original idea for an off-site team building or spending time with your family. Accept the Challenge!

Challenge Accepted does not require you to know polish language (in fact any language) - puzzles are constructed in such way that people from all around the world can enjoy them.

  • Teams of 2-4 people
  • Where: Kraków, Wiślna 4/6 map
  • How long it takes: 50 minutes
  • How much it costs: 95 zł for a whole team, 5 zł discount for every studnet (for example: 4 students - 75 zł, about 19 zł per person).
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